Click the link in the button below to access brackets for Spring 2023.

Brackets undergo several revisions until the final bracket listing is confirmed and we move onto scheduling. Teams will receive an email when final brackets are posted.

Bracket/division hierarchy from highest to lowest:

  1. Buckeye State
  2. Elite 1
  3. Elite 2
  4. Premier 1
  5. Select

NOTE: Red and black are equal levels of play in BPYSL. Select Divisions (Select Black, Select Red, Select Silver, Select White) are equal levels and we have tried to accommodate teams by making divisions by district/location for less travel where possible.

If you feel your team has not been properly placed, instead of calling or emailing, please complete the Bracket Change Request Form found below. Please note that if you are requesting to move to a bracket that already has 9 teams (unless in the Select brackets), you will need to provide records of which team needs to move out of the bracket.

Please note we will be very restrictive on moving teams into brackets that are already full (9 or more teams). Not all change requests will be able to be accommodated – teams may be promoted or relegated based on previous season’s performance.

Please be sure to look at the teams in your bracket and not the bracket name, as some age group bracket levels were shifted up or down to balance the large number of teams in that age group.

  • If your team is missing from the brackets, but you think that you applied, please call us at 614-591-3181
  • If you see your team duplicated, please let us know!