Required Trainings

Each training that coaches are required to take is shown on your dashboard as a box, like so. Click on a box to begin. When you have successfully completed a training, the box for it will disappear from your dashboard.


When you select this box:

  1. You will be prompted to watch the required video from the Ohio Department of Health in Player’s Health all the way through.
  2. Once watched to the end, a button will appear to allow you to proceed to next step, where you will check the box and sign that you watched the video.


This is an upload.

When you click on this box, you will be prompted to take two different trainings (CDC or NFHS). Choose one. Your concussion training is then done outside of Player’s Health, at which point you take the certificate and upload it here.

If you are current on your concussion training (taken within the last two years within the OSA validity dates), you may simply upload your certificate now.

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Complete your SafeSport training in Player’s Health, or enter a code if you have already taken the training elsewhere and it is still current (within the OSA validity dates).

Only ONE SafeSport training needs to be completed per OSA seasonal year (i.e. the core course or a single refresher course).

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