2021 OSA AGM

Annual General Meeting – 2021

In accordance with Ohio Soccer Association Code of Regulations, this serves as notice for Ohio Soccer Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Member Online Registration [CLOSED]

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2021 Ohio Soccer Association Board of Directors Elections

The Ohio Soccer Association Board of Directors elections will be conducted pursuant to Article IX of the OSA Code of Regulations.

An elected officer or director will serve for a period of three (3) years, except as otherwise noted in the Code of Regulations and/or the OSA Agreement and Plan of Merger Recitals for the first OSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) and will assume office at the close of the AGM.

A transitional board was established, per the Agreement and Plan of Merger, to serve until the first OSA Board of Directors are elected. 

The OSA Officers and Directors seats up for election in 2021 are:


John Ruffolo [view resume]


Craig Manahan [view resume]


Paul Holdgate [view resume]

Member Registered to VoteVote Count (Preliminary)
Black Swamp Soccer League8
Northwest Ohio Youth Soccer League11
Archbold Bluestreaks1
Hogg Creek Soccer League6
Pacesetter South3
Perrysburg Soccer Club3
Toledo Football Academy2


Oliver Condell [view resume]  |  Tony Catanzarite [view resume]  |  Nicholas Olechnowicz [view resume]

Member Registered to VoteVote Count (Preliminary)
Appleseed Youth Soccer Association PL9
Lorain County Soccer League8
Cloverleaf Soccer Association1
Euclid Youth Soccer Organization2
Manchester Soccer Club1
Manta United2
Mentor Soccer Club2
North Ridgeville Amateur Soccer League2
Norton Amateur Soccer Club1
Team Challenger FC South2
American Amateur Soccer League3
Wadsworth Amateur Soccer Association2


Scott MacMillan [view resume]

Member Registered to VoteVote Count (Preliminary)
Mustangs Jr. Soccer Association1
Perry Township Youth Soccer Club3
Rootstown Soccer Club2
Waterloo Youth Soccer Association1


Cheryl Henderson [view resume]

Member Registered to VoteVote Count (Preliminary)
Bellbrook Soccer Association (league)6
Bellbrook Soccer Association (Ohio Fusion) (club)1
Butler United Soccer Club3
Ohio Galaxies FC4
Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League3
Club Ohio2
Club X Soccer3
High Point SC1
Oakwood United SC2
Centerville United Soccer Association2
Cardinal Premier League1
Miami Valley Youth Soccer Association10


Mohamood Razack [view resume]  |  J.D. Hartwell [view resume]  |  James Sturm [view resume]

Member Registered to VoteVote Count (Preliminary)
Big Walnut2
Dublin Soccer League (league)10
Dublin Soccer League (DSX) (club)3
Hilliard Ohio Soccer Association7
Kingdom Alive Soccer Association (league)2
Kingdom Alive Soccer Association (club)1
Newark Area Soccer Association5
Northwest FC (league)2
Club Ohio2
Barcelona United3
Express FC1
Freedom Soccer Club2
Mount Vernon Soccer Association2
Ohio Extreme Soccer Club 1
Olentangy United FC3
Olimpia USA1
PFC Extreme2
Northwest FC (club)3
Gahanna Soccer Association8
NASA Xtabi2
Pataskala Youth Soccer League5
Pickerington Area Soccer Association8
Riverside Outdoor Soccer Association3
Zanesville Arsenal SC2
Barca Academy Columbus3
Columbus United SC3
PRIDE Soccer Club3
Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League3
Mid-Ohio Select Soccer League9


Greg Hirschauer [view resume]

Member Registered to VoteVote Count (Preliminary)
Total Futbol Academy/Western Jr. League9
Total Futbol Academy4
Warren County Soccer Academy (league)1
Warren County Soccer Academy (club)3
Fairfield Optimist SC3
Centerville United Soccer Association1
Lakota FC3
Little Miami FC1
Cardinal Premier League13
Miami Valley Youth Soccer Association1
Southeast Cincinnati Soccer Association8
Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League9


Zach Breth [view resume]  |  Col. Jason Blair [view resume]  |  George Sauer III [view resume]

Member Registered to VoteVote Count (Preliminary)
Belpre Soccer Club (league)6
Belpre Soccer Club (club)1
First Capital FC1
Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League2
Mid-Ohio Select Soccer League1
Who is Eligible to be Elected to the OSA Board of Directors?

Any individual can run for the position District Director.   The only restriction is that the candidate can not be a paid employee of OSA.

Candidates for the position of President or Vice President must also have previously served on the board of directors of a US Youth Soccer State Association for a minimum of 2 years.

The officers and directors’ initial terms of office will be in accordance with Recital #6 of the Agreement and Plan of Merger:

  • 3 Year Term: President, District 2 Director, and District 4 Director
  • 2 Year Term: Vice President, District 3 Director, and District 5 Director
  • 1 Year Team: District 1 Director, District 6 Director, and District 7 Director
Declaring Candidacy

To run for the position of President, Vice President, or a District, please submit an approved form for OSA Candidacy by Wednesday, February 24, 2021.

  • 2021 OSA Board of Directors Candidacy Application [CLOSED]

At least fifteen (15) days before the date of the meeting, a proposed agenda with copies of the report of officers and any items proposed to be considered at the meeting will be sent out to the membership.

  • Nominations from the floor are not allowed, unless there are no candidates for an office, either Statewide Officer or as a District Director, to be elected.
  • The President and Vice President are elected by the membership in a statewide election.
  • The District Directors are elected from each of the designated seven (7) OSA districts.

Who is eligible to vote?

Current 2020-2021 Ohio North and Ohio South members in good standing will be eligible to vote in OSA’s first AGM as OSA Full Members. The allocation of votes will be based on the voting structure identified in the Code Of Regulations, Article VIII, Section 3.

The number of votes that each club or league is allotted will be determine on the numbers of players that they had registered for the fall 2020/spring 2021 season. For spring 2021 player counts, it will be the actual number of players registered as of March 1, 2021 at 5:00pm.

We do recognize that some leagues/clubs may not have had a fall 2020 season due to COVID. In this situation, the vote allocations will be determined based on the fall 2019 season. This conditional based on:

  1. They are currently in good standings with the State Association
  2. Did not have a fall 2020 season (partial play or a reduced schedule does not qualify)
  3. Clubs or league that are not in good standing (as of March 1, 2021) with their State Association, will not be permitted to vote at the AGM.

Each member in good standing, shall register its primary and alternate delegates to the AGM no later than thirty (30) days prior to the meeting. A Full Member may not designate a current member of the Board of Directors as a delegate.


Please contact Jessica Eberle with any questions at jeberle@ohionorthsoccer.org or 330-667-0855.