NEW: OSA Launches Health Insurance for Members

Ohio Soccer Association is pleased to announce that through our partnership with Player’s Health, we are now able to provide the very first National Health Plan focused specifically for Sports Organizations! All Members with staff, coaches, or referees (W2 and/or 1099) of OSA are now eligible for the Player’s Health National Health Plan. Below are the benefits of the plan:

  • Consolidate membership (sports club/league employees and their dependents) that normally participate in individual group insurance plans into one large group (fully insured) plan.
  • Large group plans provide participants with rates resulting in lower health plan costs (9-15%) savings.
  • Groups are placed in tiers based on their risk level, but overall benefit from manual rating. Watch the video here for clarity on this.
  • Reduce workload and management for individual sports club/league employers.

“When OSA was formed, we focused on being committed to serving our membership with a much more expansive mindset and really driving the value of OSA membership,” said Gordon Henderson, Chief Executive Officer of OSA. “One of the larger scale requests from our leagues and clubs was the potential to offer access to health insurance and preferred rates as a substantial benefit of being a member. This process was no small undertaking, as you can imagine, and has taken over a year to put in place. As a result, we are thrilled to partner with Players Health to offer top class insurance through OSA and leverage the buying power of our organization to assist our many member clubs and leagues. I could not be more thrilled to offer this optional benefit to our membership, which continues to grow daily for reasons such as this.”

We are asking all leagues and clubs to participate in the census, as this will have a dramatic impact on our group pricing. The more leagues and clubs we get to submit the census, the more affordable rates will be. Below are very important dates:
Census Wave #1: June 25th – July 30th
Census Wave #2: August 1st – August 28th
Census Wave #3: September 1st – September 30th
Rates Provided: October 15th
Open Enrollment: October 15th – November 15th
Plan Start Date: January 1, 2022
An application form, along with further information and instructions, is available HERE.
We look forward to implementing this member benefit and we will continue to work toward member satisfaction and well being.
To become an official member of OSA and access this opportunity plus much more, please visit this page.