The OSA Mission

Ohio Soccer Association is non-profit organization dedicated to growing soccer in the State of Ohio. Our singular goal is to support, inspire, and grow soccer by unlocking the potential within every community. We support clubs, leagues, teams, coaches, referees, parents, and players with resources, expertise, and programs that make it easier for young people to get involved and stay in the game. We stand for innovation, integrity, teamwork, inclusion, and trust.

We continually work closely with both referee committees in Ohio, who operate outside of OSA and each as their own entity, to help provide opportunities to become a referee or those who want to advance their training.




  1. If you currently play, your experiences with the sport will help you adapt quickly to refereeing
  2. For teenagers, fast food pay averages $12 per hour. A TEN-hour workweek will earn you $120 and your hours are generally fixed. Grassroots Referee pay starts at $30 per game, and can routinely earn between $40 and $55 per game.

    A FIVE-hour workweek officiating just U9/10 games will earn you at least $150 and your hours are always flexible. You can work as few or as many games as you want during virtually any week of the year.

  3. There are currently more games scheduled each week than we have officials available. There will always be games available to work.
  4. If you previously played soccer and enjoyed the sport, refereeing will give you the opportunity to reconnect, to work out, and to give back!


How Do I Become A Grassroots Referee?

  1. The new referee certification process involves just five steps…

    1. Create a personal profile in the U.S. Soccer Learning Center.
    2. In the Learning Center, register for a New Grassroots Referee Course, based on your availability.
    3. Complete the Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments training, housed in the Learning Center.
    4. Complete a self-paced Grassroots Referee Module, also housed in the U.S. Soccer Learning Center.
    5. Attend the virtual Field Training Session with a local referee instructor.

    Once you have completed steps 1 through 5, you will be a certified Grassroots Referee and ready to officiate games.  For more information, please contact any of the following:

Bill RothOhio North SRCohn.reg@gmail.com234-281-3015
Ken BaldeosinghOhio South SRCkenb8969@aol.com937-545-6864
Dr. Tom TurnerOSA Director of Member Growth & Developmenttturner@ohio-soccer.org216-496-4683
Jen FickettOSA Director of Member Servicesjfickett@ohio-soccer.org330-667-0851


  1. The five steps to becoming a Grassroots Referee are explained in more detail here…

    Step 1: Create a personal profile in the U.S. Soccer Learning Center.  The Learning Center houses both coaching education and referee education and all new coaches and referees must create a personal profile to access courses and materials. Please note there are separate areas for coaches and referees.

    Step 2: Once you have created a personal profile in the Learning Center, you will click on the “My Courses” tab in the referee’s area to register for a New Grassroots Referee Course. The cost of the course is $50 and you will need a credit card to register.

    Step 3: Complete the Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments training. This will allow you to access the Grassroots Referee Module.  

    Step 4: Complete the Grassroots Referee Module. This is a self-paced course which must be completed before attending the virtual Field Training Session. Reviewing the modules will require approximately four to five hours and can be completed over multiple sittings. Wherever you stop one session will be where you start next time.  A First Time Grassroots Referee Quiz will conclude the on-line learning.

    Step 5.  Attend the virtual Field Training session. This is a 3-hour webinar with a live instructor, and you must attend the entire webinar.  Here are the course dates and times you will find listed in the Learning Center. Remember, you must complete the Grassroots Referee Module BEFORE attending the virtual Field Training Session.

    • Sunday, October 31 from 8:30 am – 11:30 am
    • Sunday, November 14 from 8:30 am – 11:30 am
    • Sunday, November 21 from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm (OVERFLOW COURSE DATE)

If You Are 18 Or Older..

For those who are 18 years or older, there are two additional requirements to becoming a Grassroots Referee.  These requirements are both managed in the Learning Center.

  • Safe Sport Training (approximately, 60 minutes).
  • U.S. Soccer Federation Gold Standard NCSI Background Check. There is an additional cost for the background check.

How Do I Get Games?

Creating your match schedule generally requires the help of an assignor, who posts game schedules on a referee website and may call you directly to check your availability.  As a new referee, your contact information will be automatically added to the OSA referee database.

Thank you for considering officiating as another way to help OSA bring about positive change to the Ohio soccer community.