Better Coaches = Better Environments = Better Players

Ohio Soccer Association is committed to delivering outstanding quality coaching education programs to all coaches, from beginners to advanced, at the local level and at an affordable cost. The coaching license pathway consists of a series of courses professionally designed to meet the specific needs of coaches at every step of their journey.

The Ohio Soccer Association, in partnership with U.S. Soccer, believes that by educating coaches, together we can improve the experiences of both players, coaches and parents. OSA is ready to help find the right course for you or can help your club or league set up a course in your community.

Interested in learning how to start your journey? Click a box to the right for more information or see available courses below.

CourseYearLocationDate(s)Details & Registration
FREE Intro CourseOnlineActiveHERE
4v4 Grassroots2021ColumbusMar 20Completed
7v7 Grassroots2022HilliardJune 25, 2022, 9-11aHERE
Cincinnati/LovelandJune 3 – June 4Completed
Columbus/GahannaMar 25 – Mar 26Completed
Cleveland/Baldwin WallaceMar 11 – 12Completed
PerrysburgJan 14 – 16Completed
2021Green AkronAug 26 – 27Completed
ColumbusJuly 11Completed
Dayton/Tipp CityJune 17 – 18Completed
NewarkJune 10 – 11Completed
Columbus/HilliardMay 6 – 7Completed
ToledoApril 8 – 9Completed
9v9 Grassroots2022Dayton/VandaliaJune 26, 2022 8a-12pHERE
Dayton/Tipp CityMar 11 – 12Completed
2021Broadview HeightsAug 14Completed
Cincinnati/LebanonApr 22 – 23Completed
11v11 Grassroots2022HilliardJune 25, 2022, 9a-1pHERE
Cincinnati/LovelandJune 4Completed
Columbus/GahannaMar 25 – Mar 26Completed
Dayton/Tipp CityMar 11 – 12Completed
Cleveland/Baldwin WallaceMar 11 – 12Completed
PerrysburgJan 14-16Completed
2021Green UniontownAug 28Completed
Youngstown/NilesAug 15Completed
Dayton/VandaliaJune 25 – June 26Completed
Dayton/Tipp CityJune 19Completed
NewarkJune 12Completed
Columbus/HilliardMay 8Completed
ToledoApr 10Completed
D Course2022ToledoStarts June 26, 2022, 8pHERE
Cleveland/AkronStarts May 15, 2022, 8pIn Progress
CincinnatiStarts Apr 6, 2022, 8pIn Progress
2021NewarkStarts Aug 22, 7pCompleted
ToledoStarts Aug 15, 7:30pCompleted
CincinnatiStarts June 1, 7pCompleted
C Course2022ColumbusNov 1, 2022, 8pmHERE
MilfordStarts June 19, 2022, 8pHERE
MedinaStarts Apr 3, 2022, 8pIn Progress
2021ColumbusStarts Oct 10, 7:30pCompleted
MilfordStarts June 28, 7:30pCompleted
MedinaStarts Mar 29Completed

All available U.S. Soccer coaching courses via OSA and its members can be found at the Learning Center. Click here to access and add a filter for Ohio Soccer Association.

For those interested in hosting a course in your community, contact to set up your course.