Program Leads

Brad Evans // ODP Head Coach

Bill Glaze // Chief Technical Officer

ODP Administrator


State Office Phone

OSA North | 330.667.0850

OSA South | 513.576.9555

Program Alerts:

Text OSODP to 81411 to receive text alerts for last minute changes and cancellations.

You can also follow Ohio ODP on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Latest News

We are tremendously excited to welcome ODP teams from the Midwest and look forward to some excellent competition!

All games will be held at Voice of America Park in West Chester, OH from June 17-19, 2022.

See below for schedules, hotel information, and field maps.


For weather/schedule changes and alerts, please subscribe to text alerts. Text ODPSUBREG22 to 833-395-5796 to enroll.

Parking at VOA is $15/day or $35 for an event pass (all three days), and available upon arrival. Bus/RV parking is $100 for the entire weekend.

Congratulations to those selected to the State Team! We’ll see you this weekend (June 17-19) at VOA in West Chester to represent Ohio!

(Selections will be available to view early Monday afternoon)

Boys: 2005 | 2006 | 2007-1 | 2007-2 | 2008 O | 2008 Y | 2009 O | 2009 Y | 2010 O | 2010 Y | 2011 O | 2011 Y

Girls: 2005 | 2006 | 2007-1 | 2007-2 | 2008 O | 2008 Y | 2009 O | 2009 Y | 2010 O | 2010 Y | 2011 O | 2011 Y

Camp Photos

Congratulations to those selected to the State Pool! We’ll see you at Bowling Green State University on June 10-12!

As you plan for your player’s participation at the event, here are a few key times to keep in mind.

  • Registration and drop off/move-in will be from 11:00am-12:30pm on Friday, June 10th in the lobby between Offenhauer Towers East and West. Commuters must also come to registration to get their meal card and gear. Additionally, the event schedule will start shortly after registration/drop off.
  • Pick up on Sunday, June 12th will be staggered. The pick-up location will be in or at the lobby between Offenhauer Towers East and West.
    • Starting @ 10:30am: B 2009 O, B 2009 Y, G 2009 O, G 2011 Y, G 2011 O, B 2011 O, B 2011 Y, B 2010 O, B 2010 Y
    • Starting @ 11:45am: G 2008 Y, B 2008 O, G 2009 Y, G 2008 O, B 2008 Y, G 2010 O, G 2010 Y
    • Starting @ 1:00pm: B 2005, B 2006, B 2007 (all), G 2005, G 2006, G 2007 (all)

In the coming weeks, you can expect to receive additional information including the following:

  • FAQ’s
  • Detailed daily camp schedule for all player pools
  • Code of Conduct for players
  • Packing list

Boys: 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 O | 2008 Y | 2009 O | 2009 Y | 2010 O | 2010 Y | 2011 O | 2011 Y

Girls: 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 O | 2008 Y | 2009 O | 2009 Y | 2010 O | 2010 Y | 2011 O | 2011 Y

Only those selected to Phase III/IV should register. To do so, please click here.

The District Festival is for all ODP Phase I participants and will be held March 26-27 at Hobson Freedom Park (Dayton).


All 2005-2006 ODP players will hold their final training session on Saturday, March 26 at Hobson as previously communicated.

B2008 OG2008 O
B2008 YG2008 Y
B2009 OG2009 O
B2009 YG2009 Y
B2010 OG2010 O
B2010 YG2010 Y
B2011 OG2011 O
B2011 YG2011 Y

All players should wear their ODP training shirt at minimum, dress for the weather, and bring a ball and water. Please refrain from wearing gear with any club logo on it.

Please arrive 25 minutes prior to the start of each game.

We are tremendously excited to provide this opportunity for our ODP players, which will be the first time we are competing as a single state, united!

All games will be held at the Mike Rose Soccer Complex in Memphis, TN from February 18-21, 2022.

Click here for schedules, rosters, hotel information, and refund policies.

11.4.21: Reminder email for Phase I just went out. Includes field maps for this weekend.

11.2.21: The first email for Phase I has been sent. If you didn’t get it and checked your junk mail, please reference the link above to view.

We are excited to kick off this season of ODP!

For the session schedule, including locations, times and addresses, please visit the ODP Calendar page.

October 2021 Presentation: What Is ODP & Is It Right For Me?

Click here to view the PDF: What Is ODP