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[5.17.24 3:25p] All systems go

Despite the rain this morning, we are on as scheduled for this weekend and as of Friday afternoon, there are no delays for tonight or Saturday.

[5.7.24 10:22a] Sideline cameras (VEO, Hudl, etc.)

Please note that all sideline cameras should be placed on the parent/spectator sideline. This aligns our event with the same regulations as regional/national competitions.

[5.6.24 4:30p] Cancelled VOA games

Depending on your standing in the group and if your game will have significance for qualification to the semifinals, you received an email today with additional details on when the cancelled game will be played.

[4.29.24 2:30p] We want your photos and videos

High quality photos and videos (goals, saves, skills) can be emailed to photos@ohio-soccer.org or you can tag us on social media (@theohiosoccer)!

[4.29.24 2:14p] Important reminders for the weekend

Field Maps & Weather Alerts

If you want to receive weather and schedule updates for Presidents Cup, make sure you have signed up for BAND! All updates will be communicated there first. All weather and field changes will be communicated through BAND. If you hear an air horn, please clear the fields and head to your cars.

VOA Parking Permits and Park Entrance

Please be advised that the Voice of America Athletic Complex has updated and improved their parking pass process. Please share this with everyone on your team to expedite traffic flow during your event:

      • Every vehicle entering the Athletic Complex must purchase a pass.
      • Passes will now be available for presale purchase, in addition to passes being sold on the day of the event. Cash will no longer be accepted.
      • Passes are $8 per day for any passes purchased in advance online or $10 per day for passes sold at the gate by our third party parking company.
      • There are no longer multi day passes available so please purchase your pass in advance to save a few bucks.
      • Passes can be purchased through the online box office found here and will become available at 8am on the Monday prior to the start of your tournament. Once purchased, a QR code will be sent to your inbox. Do not share this QR code with anyone as each QR code is only good for one scan only.
      • Passes will no longer be scanned upon entering the park but instead will be checked upon exiting. If returning to the park that day, please make sure you get a ticket from the parking staff to avoid being recharged for same day visits.
      • Lastly, everyone must enter and exit through the Cox Road or Liberty Road gate. The Butler Warren gate will be closed for both entry and exiting.

Click here to purchase your passes.

Since this is a new process, we ask that you please be patient with the park staff and account for extra time leaving the facility.

Jerseys and Uniforms

Each team must have two (2) uniform sets, including socks (one light color and one dark color) at each match during the competition. The home team (listed first in the schedule) is required to wear their light color jersey and socks.  The away team (listed second in the schedule) is required to wear their dark color jersey and socks.  Matching shorts are not required. The same color shorts can be utilized for both uniforms.

If, in the opinion of the referee, there is a jersey or sock color conflict, the team causing the conflict must change. The referee’s decision is final. Any failure to comply may result in sanctions and/or fines levied against the offending team. Reminder, teams are required to bring both color uniforms and socks to all matches.

Each field player must have a number permanently affixed to the back of their jersey which must be clearly visible. Duplicate and/or taped numbers are not permitted. Goalkeepers must wear colors that distinguish them from other players and referees. Numbered jerseys for goalkeepers are optional. It is suggested that teams utilizing multiple goalkeepers have numbered jerseys.

Athletic Trainers will be onsite who can tape as time allows around any field calls. Players must bring their own tape.

OSA Office Closures

The North and South offices will be closed Friday May 3rd, 10th, 24th, and 31st. Our office will open at 10am on each Monday after our event weekends.

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