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2024 Club & League Guide

This guide is a reference point for parents, coaches and any other interested parties regarding many Ohio clubs, leagues, and/or camps. It contains information about each organization and where to register.

Please note:

  • Not all clubs in Ohio opted to participate. More leagues and clubs can be found on our Play OSA map!
  • Most recreational leagues are now in the midst of their spring season. Fall registration will open for many in the coming months.
  • Tryout dates for competitive (travel) clubs vary. For FAQ’s regarding tryouts, click here.


How To Use The Guide

  1. The guide is organized by OSA District, which tends to follow major metro areas, then by alphabetical order.
  2. Each page in the guide contains a link to access the website of the league, club, tournament or partner. You may click on that link to be taken directly to it.
  3. The Table of Contents is linked to each section for easy access if needed.
  4. You may expand to a full screen view by clicking the [  ] icon in the bottom right corner.


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