ODP INTERregional Showcase


We are excited to once again participate in the ODP Inter-regional Showcase in Memphis, TN. This event takes place from February 18-20, 2023 at the Mike Rose Soccer Complex. Each team will have one game per day in addition to virtual presentations made available to all participants on a variety of topics.

This is a stay-to-play event with select rosters based on the 2022-23 ODP State Pool as well as player/parent interest.

  • Click here to view the invite email (includes player registration link).

Hotel Information

Below is the link to the hotels assigned to OHIO for the ODP Inter-Regional Showcase February 17-20, 2023.  This is a Stay to Play event.  Reservations can be made through these links until 2/8/2023.

Please click the link at the bottom of this section to view the hotel options. Once there, click the BOOK NOW button at the far right for the hotel of your choice to make your individual reservation. Hotels are not assigned by age group.

Check-In/Check-Out Dates: The default dates on the room reservations links are for arrival on Friday, February 17th, and departure on Monday, February 20st.  You can customize it to the dates of your choice and get the same rates for any nights (2.16 – 2.21).  If you have any trouble getting the dates you need, please contact Jessica Vinson at the email below.

Cancellation Policy: If the event, a team or individual has to cancel their reservation(s) due to severe weather, incomplete age group/division or COVID-19, all hotels partners of the Mike Rose Soccer Complex (MRSC) will allow the cancellation without penalty if the reservation was made in the MRSC state association block.  We cannot guarantee refunds on any reservations made through 3rd parties, advanced pay, or any other type of reservations outside of the MRSC block.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact Jessica Vinson, Hotel Coordinator of the Mike Rose Soccer Complex.


The schedule is now available.


Rosters will be posted below once all players have registered.

Birth YearJersey #Name
2007G1Bates, Hayden
18Dalton, Reyna
2DeRosa, Josephine
11Folk, Ava
12Fusco, Isabella
3Habing, Ella
13Koehler, Macy
4Lalor, Ciara
14Schermerhorn, Brylee
5Simon, Lila
6Slack, Aubrey
7Smolenski, Madeline
15Smolenski, Megan
8Smucker, Lydia
16Szasz, Catherine
10Warden, Kaylee
17Waters, Avery
9Yontz, Ashley
Birth YearJersey #Name
2008G1Estep, Madison
2Ferancy, Natalie
3Flannery, Becca
12Gates, Ava
4Hanlon, Kendall
13Helbert, Adilynn
16Lamp, Zoe
5Leedy, Alex
17Malott, Lily
6Mann, Keely
7Matz, Gabriella
14Perry, Alexa
8Thomas, Lucy
9Thompson, Audra
10Wagers, Daejah
11Wayman, Kaitlyn
15Zura, Phinn
Birth YearJersey #Name
2009G5Armstrong, Maddie
1Bates, Maycie
6Bunphithak, Aubrey
14Click, Zedie
15Fabrick, Lauren
2Giordano, Lucy
7Hartung, Gemma
17Haug, Isabella
16Kindt, Samantha
8Lackmeyer, Eva
9Maar, Kennley
3Malone, Alyssa
10McMillen, Alayna
4Parr, Camilla
11Robson, Olivia
12Wakefield, Poppy
13Willford, Riley
Birth YearJersey #Name
2010G Red6Collings, Katelyn
2Ekleberry, Lucy
7Frey, Lillian
8Gehring, Greta
13Gettings, Payton
14Hook, Madelyn
3Leven, Nora
4Manzo, Adalyn
5Meese, Hannah
1Meyer, Ella
9Smith, Emma
10Suittor, Kinley
11Suittor, Corinne
12Terrell, Morgan
Birth YearName
2010G White1Cash, Nyla
9East, River
4Flenoury, Mariah
2Friend, Isabella
5Hess, Ava
6Hynes, Kinsley
10Marinelli, Addison
11McVicker, Molly
12Miller, Chloe
14Terry, Macie Jane
3Wagner, Hope
7Wolfer, Ella
13Woods, Justine
8Yontz, Hailey
Birth YearJersey #Name
2011G Red3Dixon, Rebecca
4Feldmann, Veronica
5Ferancy, Margo
1Goodman, Amelia
9Hanley, Rebecca
10Hewitt, Madison
2Lalor, Niamh
6Lee, Charlotte
7Nagy, Annabelle
8Smith, Josie
11Stuckart, Sienna
12Waldo, Sadie
Birth YearJersey #Name
2011G White1Baer, Carly
6Brinkman, Gabrielle
2Coldiron, Sophia
11Elsea, Jillian
3James, Madelyn
4Koehler, Charlotte
7Meier, Olivia
12Pastiva, Leah
8Scott, Isobel
13Snavely, Ryder
9Tamukong, Chara
10Tamukong, Charis
14Zaragoza, Camila
5Zastudil, Quinn
Birth YearJersey #Name
2006B1Agin, Jacob
2Albertson, Camden
3Beggs, Brayden
10Canas, Luis
11Clark, Isaiah
14Diaz, Alexander
6Dorsey, Kael
13Feher, Bryton
5Janis, Mason
6McLeod, Tresz
7McQuesten, Caleb
15Mynes, Wyatt
12Sakala, Chawanzi
8Todd, Aidan
9Toops, Gabriel
Birth YearJersey #Name
2007B4Adkins, Noah
5Ashworth, Braden
12Byers, Evan
14Feher, Bryton
6Fowler, Alex
7Ketchem, Noah
15Kitchen, Gabriel
8Krzeminski, Payton
11McQuesten, Caleb
2Mitchell, Evan
9Prough, Brandon
1Rogenthien, Isaac
10Smith, Jackson
3Tomlinson, Dylan
13Van Kirk, Cam
Birth YearJersey #Name
2008B Red8Baldwin, Connor
13Buchholz, Carter
5Carpenter, Tyler
2Dastan, Bora
9Fischer, Reid
1Louters, Carter
10Miller, Mason
11Moore, Donovan
6Pham, Eli
7Potkonicky, Jackson
3Quinn Jr., Michael
12Ratermann, John
4Schnitzer, Brayden
Birth YearJersey #Name
2008B White1Brown, Henry
2Kaito, Shota
10Killworth, Justin
11Locke, Brandon
4Marotta, Oliver
12Nank, Russell
14Sheppeard, Jacob
15Sheppeard, Carson
5Smith, Paek
6Streib, Bryce
3Szoldatits, Jake
7Wade, Ryland
8Weiser, Ethan
9Whalen, Max
13Yingling, Lucca
Birth YearName
2009B Red4Bakota, Alex
5Birch, Carter
11Brandeberry, Max
1Fischer, Kamdyn
12Fowler, Jared
13Frame, Karson
6Gomez, Chantz
7Harvey, Jackson
14Kelley, Lucas
2Montoya, Diego
8Ostrowsky, Coby
9Rowlands, Julian
3Sims, Chase
10Tucker, Oliver
Birth YearJersey #Name
2009B White14Abbey, Easton
10Cloran, Forrest
11Harold, Samuel
2Harvey, Aidan
12Higginbotham, Luke
3Kantner, Reid
15Maslin, Nicholas
4Morgan, Gabriel
13Morrison, Ian
1Peterson, Dylan
5Radman, Zachary
6Shoemaker, Brayden
7Stoddard, Owen
8Tupling, Kodi
9Viers, Liam
Birth YearJersey #Name
2010B Red2Abernathy, Logan
9Abernathy, Xavier
3Brown, Samuel
1Campion, Umar
15Carlin, Brayden
10Dick, Ryan
4Ellsworth, Charles
11Harrison, Ethan
12Kolp, Grandin
5Lawrence, Mason
6Malave-Ulloa, Enzo
7Mitsch, Joseph
13O’Driscoll, Ryan
14Trexler, Carter
8Whalen, Jude
Birth YearJersey #Name
2010B White2Aucoin, Zachary
9Bowling, Carson
3Calcamuggio, Jacob
14Cham, Mouhammad
10DeMange, Parker
4Dickinson, Jacoby
11Frey, Carter
12Goodman, Theodore
5Katta, Arav
6Kramer, Brandon
7Maslin, Zachary
1Perlmutter, Levi
15Pleasant, My’King
13Turner, William
8Wang, Edward
Birth YearJersey #Name
2011B Red13Bikoko, Pierce
4Breitenstein, August
5Crump, Brody
1DeShazer, William
6Destatte, Grayson
7Henson, Kannyn
8Kreinbrink, Carson
9Middendorf, Brady
2Qiu, Stanley
10Stankey, Colin
11Taseff, Case
3Turner, Cole
12Van Tress, Kolin
Birth YearJersey #Name
2011B White12Brown, John
2Burke, Cooper
6Garza, Sebastian
7Hillibush, Declan
8Huff, Aiden
3Kolodziej, Dylan
4Matz, Cooper
9McGuire, James
10Mitchell, Isaac
1Steyer, Bryce
11Stoddard, Declan
5Zimmer, Jonathan


In the unfortunate circumstance your player is unable to attend the event, please contact Jessica Eberle ASAP. Regarding refunds, please see the scale below. 

January 17 – February 1 

  • Full refund for medical/injury situations with documentation 
  • Otherwise: 80% refund 

After February 2 

  • Full refund for medical/injury situations with documentation 
  • Otherwise: no refunds – to be reviewed on a case-by-case situation