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Play OSA! Laying Out Your League Options in OSA

Making sense of the alphabet soup of league options in Ohio.

We get it. It can be hard to remember if you’re playing GLC or CvC, MVYSA or NWOYSL, ODL or OSSL. Is your league even a member of Ohio Soccer Association (OSA)? There seems to be an endless cauldron of league soup in youth soccer that can be hard to decipher.

Each league offers something a little different so, as a coach, what is the right league for my team? Do you want a league that focuses on performance or development, or both? What are your league options within OSA or US Youth Soccer, either local, statewide, or regional? And where does each league fit in the state set of options?

At Ohio Soccer Association, there’s a home for everybody.

A Built-In Pathway to Grow

OSA is a member state association of US Youth Soccer (USYS), the largest youth soccer organization in the country. USYS offers both regional and national leagues to the member clubs and teams of its state associations. Similarly, membership in OSA consists of a wide variety of leagues and clubs in Ohio. Teams participating in an OSA member league are by default an associated member of the state association and USYS. As teams build their resume through play in OSA and other leagues in Ohio, they become eligible to reach not only advanced competition within OSA, but also the regional and national leagues of USYS.

Playing in an OSA member league also opens the door for a team to participate in our Cup Series – two state-run events each spring called State Cup (Tier I) and Presidents Cup (Tier II). Each Cup is based around play level to make it as competitive an atmosphere as possible – we don’t like to see any teams getting wiped out 11-0.

OSA has many different leagues and they each have their advantages. We understand that not every team desires to participate in higher levels, and that’s ok. There are local, development based leagues that provide a platform for these teams as well!

Why an OSA Member League?

Before we delve into our various member leagues, we asked several clubs why they like to play in OSA. The responses varied, but included items such as league transparency, roster flexibility, less travel for younger age groups, quality refereeing (with the intent to develop), collaboration with other like-minded directors, player development driven, and a platform where they feel heard (club input).

One director stated, “We like playing in Club v Club [League] and Ohio Directors League because the format allows our players to support and learn from each other. We like participating in OSA because you offer everything we need to run a quality program.”

Another added, “Playing in OSA leagues does so much for our club. Besides logistical and clerical solutions, there’s also guaranteed games, ease of schedule, no fines, low cost… these make it easier for me to focus on my role as director to improve our club. Leagues such as Club v Club and Ohio Directors League offer a better, stable development for our young players. It’s a win-win situation.”

A third said, “We are very pleased with the ease of registration, communication, and professionalism found throughout the OSA enterprise. We believe in and appreciate the team-based, player-centric focus of OSA’s member leagues, such as MVYSA, BPYSL, and OSSL, which allows us to form teams across the spectrum of talent while appropriately challenging and growing players.”

Local Leagues

Local leagues are vital to the growth and health of our sport. Offering a low cost solution, local travel, and various tiers of play, OSA members such as Ohio Directors League, Cardinal Premier League, Miami Valley, and Northwest Ohio Youth Soccer League are an excellent starting point – especially in the younger age groups.

Statewide Leagues

Perhaps a team wants a challenge outside of its local area. This is where statewide leagues come into play, offering an opportunity to go up against other teams from around Ohio.

There are other perks as well, such as with State League – the highest level league OSA offers and runs – where the league finds referees for all games. Or Buckeye, where the league offers fields for use and teams do not have to worry about finding a place to play each weekend for their (up to) 30 player roster (18 on gameday). The new Club v Club League is player development driven, with no standings or scores kept. Each of these leagues is also open to club input on how the league operates and what changes need to be made to make it stronger.

All three statewide leagues are operated by OSA.

Regional League

Regional leagues are run directly by USYS and involve play against other high-caliber teams from the Midwest. Our regional league is called the Great Lakes Conference (GLC).

Clubs and teams who have either excelled in State League or bring an outstanding resume to the table through play in other leagues may be eligible to participate in GLC. From there, teams who excel may be eligible to participate in National League/Elite 64 – also run by USYS.

League Options

Reference the chart above to find the geographical options through OSA by major metro area. We’ve also put together a full breakdown of each OSA member competitive (travel) league in alphabetical order to help you make sense of it all (scroll down)!

We are eager to help you with everything you need to run a quality program from top to bottom. One way OSA is unique is our dedicated Member Services team of full time staff throughout the state to help you successfully navigate carding and registration. We’re here to help!


Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League

  • Also known as: BPYSL, BPL, Buckeye
  • Location: statewide, plus teams from KY, IN, and WV – local options available
  • 11U-19U*
  • 360+ teams, multiple divisions in an age group based on skill range
  • Office: Columbus (central), Cincinnati


One of the largest youth soccer leagues in the state, Buckeye is a mix of teams of all different skill levels. The league is operated by OSA, including three dedicated staff members who will be more than happy to work with you.

Historically a mostly central/southern Ohio league, Buckeye has opened for further expansion into the northern half of the state.

Amongst other things, BPYSL offers unlimited club pass players, a 30-player roster, and home fields for teams who need them.

*If no 8U-10U OSA league option exists in the area, Buckeye will form it.

  • League Commissioner: George Sauer
  • League Administrator: Nikki Stover
  • League Administrator: TBD




Cardinal Premier League

  • Also known as: CPL
  • Location: greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area
  • 8U-18U
  • 540+ teams, multiple divisions in an age group
  • Office: Cincinnati (remote)


Cardinal Premier League, formerly Greater Cincinnati Soccer League, has seen rapid growth over its time. Operated independently, the league has been a long-standing member of OSA/USYS. The league offers play for teams/clubs in the greater Cincinnati area, meaning reduced travel at a low cost.

CPL also operates a statewide sub-league called The Premier League (TPL) for 10U-12U teams.

  • League President: Steve Wood
  • League Administrator: Amber Hyman




Ohio Club v Club League

  • Location: statewide
  • 10U-12U
  • Format: four (4) group play weekends
  • Limited to 5 initial clubs, expanding in 2024
  • Office: Cleveland (OSA North)
The Club v Club League was new for 2023 and operated by OSA. The league will expand in 2024 based on a set of criteria to be released at a later date.
Scores and standings are not kept for this league. It is wholly development based, where the emphasis is not on results but on player progression.
Clubs enter teams at each age group. Club teams gather together in a central location (usually Columbus) for group play weekends to maximize the number of games against the other clubs.
  • League Administrator: Cheryl Ficco

Great Lakes Conference

  • Also known as: GLC
  • Location: OH, IN, MI, MN, WV, NY-W, PA-W, KY
  • 13U-19U
  • Divisions: Premier I & Premier II
  • Office: Michigan (remote)


This is a regional league operated by US Youth Soccer. Clubs and teams in GLC require a recommendation by OSA if they apply to enter. GLC offers an entry point to the USYS National League.


Miami Valley Youth Soccer Association

  • Also known as: MVYSA, Miami Valley
  • Location: greater Dayton area
  • 9U-19U
  • Divisions: 240+ teams, multiple divisions in an age group
  • Office: Dayton


MVYSA began in 1980 and regularly includes teams from 12 different counties in Ohio around the Dayton area. This usually results in limited travel and the league offers a low price point to enter. Additionally, the league awards an annual scholarship to several of its athletes.

The league is staffed by two full-time employees – Ken and Gene – with years of experience in the youth game.

  • League Executive Director: Ken Baldeosingh
  • League Administrator: Gene Pitstick




Northwest Ohio Youth Soccer League

  • Also known as: NWOYSL, Northwest
  • Location: northwest Ohio and the greater Toledo area
  • 9U-15U
  • Divisions: 291+ teams, multiple divisions in an age group
  • Office: Toledo (Maumee)


From just east of Toledo to the Ohio-Indiana border to the west, and including some Michigan teams as well, NWOYSL is a local league that grows the game in the northwest corner of the state.

In addition to limited travel and a low cost for entry, the league prides itself on its customer service when working with teams and clubs to process carding and support needs.

  • League Administrator: Kim Sarmento




Ohio Academy League

  • Also known as: OAL
  • Location: Columbus
  • 9U-19U


The OAL is managed by the National Academy League, in conjunction with OSA. The league will incorporate a set of standards, with transparency and inclusiveness as key cornerstones.

Play begins Fall 2024.



EDP Ohio Directors League

  • Also known as: EDP Ohio, EDP, ODL
  • Location: northeast Ohio
  • 9U-12U
  • Format: event-based at a single venue (multiple weekends)


The ODL is managed by Elite Development Program (EDP), in conjunction with OSA, and is one of several leagues across the country professionally operated by this group. The league provides competition for like-minded, high-level clubs, with minimal travel.

New as of Fall 2023, initial club members include Team Challenger FC (North and South), Ohio Premier Futbol Club, and Soccer Vision Academy. Opportunities to join the league are available.



Ohio Soccer State League

  • Also known as: OSSL, State League
  • Location: statewide
  • 12U-18/19U
  • Format: highly selective, two divisions per age group (Premier I & Premier II)
  • Office: Cincinnati (OSA South)


State League is the highest level of league competition that OSA runs and is the gateway to reach regional and national USYS leagues.

Teams who apply must have a proven record of success from whatever leagues they have played in prior.

Two staff members – Jen and Deb (and other OSA staff as needed) – help operate the league.



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