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Ohio Soccer Association Joins United States Consortium of State Associations

MAINEVILLE, Ohio (January 17, 2024) – The United States Consortium of State Associations (USCSA) is excited to announce it has launched operations. Led by its Legacy Members from seven US Youth Soccer State Associations, its vision is to create a highly functioning network of state associations that will grow soccer participation by:

  • Working collaboratively with US Soccer, US Youth Soccer, State Associations and other Organizational Members of US Soccer.
  • Revolutionizing how State Associations interact.
  • Focusing on developing processes that can expand influence.
  • Grow soccer participation.
  • Reducing costs and improving services by scaling business operations.


The USCSA believes that State Associations can provide an anchor in the local soccer communities by providing exceptional service, resources and inspiration that grows soccer participation by unlocking the potential within every community. Traditionally, each State Association has its own governance, policies and procedures, and resources, which limits the ability to scale and incorporate efficient solutions. We aim to expand our influence, reduce costs, and enhance services by scaling operations together. The USCSA wants to evolve the traditional model by integrating business strategies and shared resources to increase efficiency and effectiveness of its State Association members.

“I am truly excited and encouraged to work alongside like-minded peers,” said Gordon Henderson, Ohio Soccer Association Executive Director and USCSA Vice President. “Change is never easy, but this group of leaders has an opportunity to show the youth sports space what is possible.”

The USCSA Legacy Members include:

  • Evan Dabby, NJ Youth Soccer Executive Director and USCSA President
  • Gordon Henderson, Ohio Soccer CEO and USCSA Vice President
  • Dave Guthrie, Indiana Soccer Executive Director and USCSA Secretary
  • Dan Cataldi, Iowa Soccer CEO
  • Laura Halfpenny, Georgia State Soccer Association Executive Director
  • Hans Hobson, Tennessee State Soccer Association CEO
  • Kris Zander, Kentucky Youth Soccer Association Executive Director


To be successful, the USCSA will rely on its core values: Trust, Innovation, Compromise and Alignment. To learn more about the USCSA, visit https://consortiumofsoccerassociations.org/.

About Ohio Soccer Association (OSA):
OSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing youth soccer in the State of Ohio. Our singular goal is to support, inspire, and grow youth soccer by unlocking the potential within every community. We support clubs, leagues, teams, coaches, referees, parents, and players with resources, expertise, and programs that it easier for young people to get involved and stay in the game. We stand for innovation, integrity, teamwork, inclusion, and trust.

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