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The all-natural way to battle the bugs this Spring season

Flowers are blooming and birds are chirping, both wonderful things that also mean the pesky mosquitos are in route to a field near you! Medella Naturals would love to help you keep them at bay while enjoying a game of soccer! Many families are looking for a chemical free option that is safe and effective for kids and adults alike…even the four legged family members too!

Kick the DEET

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding DEET based products. While effective, there are many that are concerned about potential health risks. DEET has been shown to kill grass, eat through Neoprene materials, and is flammable. The University of Georgia tested a DEET based product and compared the efficacy to Medella Naturals’ Plant Based repellent. We’re happy to report that Medella showed better efficacy with a 90% repellency for 5 hours. The active ingredient is lemongrass oil, which is closely related to citronella, creating a light and lovely scent. Utilizing a single oil, rather than a blend, keeps Medella Naturals non-greasy and provides a wonderful experience.

Giving Back

Medella is owned and operated here in Ohio by parents just like you, which is why we’re proud to partner with Ohio Soccer Association to give back to the programs and families that make so much possible for our youth.

This spring, we’re starting a fundraiser opportunity for leagues, clubs, and teams to sell bottles of repellent, both in person and online, and the community keeps 50% of the sale price. Several leagues and clubs have already started and are enjoying great success! If interested, please reach out to Heather Ewers at hewers@medellasprings.com.

OSA members and their families receive 20% off their entire order! Go to medellasprings.com and use the code OSA20 at checkout.

To learn more about Medella Naturals, please visit medellasprings.com.

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