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Fall 2023 Schedule

Official game schedules are below. Click your Age/Gender/Bracket to view.

It is each team’s responsibility to review all their games to be sure that the game details are accurate.

This is the official schedule and referees will be assigned to these games.

If there are missing games, changes, or games that should not be there, you must complete the online missing game form or the game change request form to let us know.


Game Changes

Game changes require the following notice or teams are fined Referee/Field Fees:

  • Grass Fields: 72 business hours notice
  • Turf Fields: 2-weeks notice

To view the full guidelines, please click here.

Please make sure you are referring to the current online Bracket List for the group you are scheduling with! New Contact lists in xls and pdf formats have also been added to the list on the left of the page for easier access to your groups information. Please read ALL the steps below!


We have included detailed information on how our online scheduling works below:

Please be sure that you go to the links on the left to access the information and entry forms needed for scheduling.

These are the forms you will be using:

  • FALL 2024 Team Contacts
  • FALL 2024 Scheduling Guidelines
  • FALL 2024 Scheduling Worksheet
  • FALL 2024 Contracted Field List
  • FALL 2024 Contracted Field Sign-Up Sheets
  • FALL 2024 Game Schedule Entry Forms

Scheduling Steps:

  1. ALL team reps that are scheduling should read the Scheduling Guidelines on the left.
  2. Print a copy of the Scheduling Worksheet to organize your games. This will not be turned into us but the information on it will need to be entered online in the Game Schedule Entry Form after all your games have been scheduled. 
  3. We recommend someone from the group send an email to ALL teams in your bracket to start the process. If you don’t hear back from someone, please be sure to reach out to us to be sure everyone is included. You will work together via zoom, email, group calls, etc. to determine how many games your bracket will play. You must play a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 games. All teams in the same bracket must play the same number of games- so you will be deciding if it is 6,7, or 8 games. We encourage all brackets to try to play 8 games in case games are cancelled due to weather related issues and teams unable to reschedule. At the bottom of the Scheduling Guidelines are tips on how to match-up opponents based on number of teams in the bracket and number of games you want to play- this is very important to have organized before you begin.
  4. DO NOT START SCHEDULING UNTIL EVERY TEAM IN YOUR BRACKET KNOWS WHO THEY ARE GOING TO SCHEDULE WITH. If teams schedule and 1 team ends up with less games, we will remove games so all teams play an equal number, and you will have to start over. This is time consuming and can be resolved if teams all know who they are playing, and all teams have the same number of games to schedule. 
  5. Use our guidelines and tips for the number of teams in your bracket and number of games to determine who plays who.
  6. Start scheduling dates/locations once all teams in your bracket know who they are playing.
  7. Teams will need to travel! Do not expect all teams to come to you. Teams can schedule 2 games on the same day against further teams if they want to minimize travel. 
    1. Field Availability Scheduling Sheets (for all Buckeye Contracted Fields) can be found using the link on the left. Use these sheets to reserve fields on the dates/times you agree upon. DO NOT STEP ON SOMEONE ELSE’S ENTRY! We will be able to see history so will know who had the spot first. DO NOT take a spot if you have not confirmed it in advance with your opponent. This is not the game entry form- this is for teams to sign-up for a spot so other teams know it is already taken.
    2. Teams are welcome to host at their own fields or fields they reserve but the team will be responsible for getting permission to play, any fees for use, or contract details for those fields. BPYSL only covers the cost of fields we have contracted which are listed on the left- FALL 2023 Contracted Fields List
  8. When you schedule a game with your opponent, determine WHO WILL ENTER THE GAME IN THE ONLINE GAME SCHEDULE ENTRY FORM. This is very important that you know which team will be entering the game otherwise it may be left off the schedule and you can lose the field you signed up for. It does not matter which team enters the game (team 1 or team 2) as long as the game is only entered once and is entered!
  9. When you have scheduled all your games, you will use the Online Game Schedule Entry Forms link on the left to enter the details (only 1 team from each game should enter the game- doesn’t matter which team enters it so be sure to confirm who will do this). This information is what will be uploaded into the system as the official online schedule, so it is important that you do not enter information until it is confirmed for both teams. It is crucial that you enter the information correctly! Once we see all games for a bracket have been entered, we will upload them to the website.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us!

Score Reporting

  • Teams are responsible for updating scores within 24 hours of the game being played. Either team can enter the score.

To Enter Game Scores:

Click on the Game Schedules & Standings Button

  1. Click on your Team’s Bracket
  2. Click on your Team Name
  3. In the top right corner, click on Team Login
  4. You will need to enter the email of the Team Admin listed for your team and the 6 digit PIN.
    1. If you can’t remember your PIN, please click the link on that page (towards the bottom) to resend the PIN.
  5. Go to Score Reporting and click Home or Away Games (if you are listed as Team 1 it will be a home game for you and if you are listed as Team 2 it will be an away game for you).
    1. If you get a message that there are no games to report, your opponent may have already entered the game score. 
    2. If you determine the score has not been entered but cannot log it, please try to log out of demosphere and log back in to refresh and then try again. 
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